South Florida Tri-county Area & State, Nationwide and Internationally INTERLANGUE offers very competitive rates for all interpreting assignments.


Our conference rates are the most competitive in the market. Because we at Interlangue understand the shift in the global marketplace towards less expenditure and better pricing, we have created a rates program that will benefit our clients with significant savings. Through our extensive database of interpreters, our state of the art equipment and our affiliation with audiovisual companies, we are able to provide the best conference rates available. Contact us today for a free quote.

Interpreting Services

  • By the hour
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Translations/Audio Transcriptions Website Translation


Rates may vary depending on subject difficulty, length and complexity of assignment, language combination and delivery period requested.

Translation rates may be based on a fee per word, per page or an average output of number of words per hour. Audio transcriptions are billed by the page or by the minute; rates based on volume. Please contact us for a free quote.

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