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We at Interlangue continue monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic, which threatened millions throughout the world and created unparalleled challenges for businesses to continue their normal operations. During this post-pandemic times, in which our personal and professional lives have undergone significant changes, we still offer our clients practical solutions to ensure the continuity of their businesses. These include the services of an interpreter via video remote interpretation to conduct conferences, meetings, interviews, recorded statements, medical visits and more. Over the phone interpretation is also available. For legal proceedings, such as depositions, examinations under oath, etc., Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady issued an order suspending rules that prohibit the administration of legal oaths using remote communication technology, thus facilitating the swearing in of witnesses and interpreters where needed. Click here to read the order.

Now, more than ever, our technology has allowed us to bring businesses together, no matter the distance, and enabled us to overcome any obstacles at hand as a unified global community. Please contact us for more details.


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The growth in today’s international business, government, and organization interaction has led to the increasing demand for language experts to take part in multi-level national and transnational markets. In these settings, the crucial role of a language expert, such as a qualified conference interpreter, is to ensure flawless communication by facilitating multilingual interaction between parties.

Interlangue Interpreting, Inc. offers quality multilingual conference interpreting services and state of the art equipment in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. Centrally located in Miami, Florida, we have rapid access to many nearby business destinations. Our agency caters to small meetings as well as large scale conferences and conventions, for which we provide:

  • Highly qualified and accredited professionals with years of experience in the field. Each one of our interpreters undergoes a strict selection as well as thorough subject matter preparation to ensure needed skills and abilities for each assignment.
  • A project manager who is assigned to each event in order to ensure quality coordination in meeting all specific requirements.
  • State of the art technology and equipment for all events, including audio/visual.
  • Very affordable rates. It is our ultimate goal to provide excellent services at competitive pricing, to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Interlangue uses state of the art equipment for simultaneous interpretation. Our equipment is designed to deliver audio data to listeners in their language of preference, through multi-channel audio. This is especially beneficial when several languages are required for audience listeners in one or several rooms.

Breakdown of simultaneous interpreting equipment needed for an event:

Interpreters: Sound proof Interpretation booth + Transmitter + Console + Cables

Audience: Receivers + Headsets

Booths Size Set-up Usage
Full sized 6 x 4 x 7 Standing, enclosed booth Large Conference rooms, ballrooms
Table-top 2 x 4 x 2 On banquet Table Limited Space



Package deals with substantial savings (Language Services/Equipment/Audiovisual)

  • Our company offers cost effective packages that will include all audio-visual equipment elements and set-up procedures to ensure that conferences and presentations are prepared quickly and executed at a lower cost. Interlangue is affiliated with professional audio-visual companies, allowing us to provide package deals that eliminate unnecessary client expense. Furthermore, integrating both language and visual elements allows for better overall communication during the conference planning and execution stages.
  • Interlangue will also assist you in the planning phase of any event, facilitating the translation of audiovisual and written elements for presentations.
  • Make your event a success. Contact our experienced professional interpreters today.